Event Date: Sunday, October 18, 2020 - 12 noon CDT

Where can I find the Move4Her event online?

The Move4Her event will go live on October 18, 2020, at 12:00 noon (CDT) on YouTube. Once you register, you will be sent an email confirmation. The day before the event, you will receive another email with a link to access it.

Where can I join in Move4Her?

Anywhere you have an internet connection! You can do this in your home via computer, phone screen or Smart TV. You can even organize a group (if safely allowed by CDC/local guidelines) at a community center, local gym or studio, faith-based space or anywhere you can access an internet connection. We’d suggest finding a projection screen/projector for groups.

Who can participate in Move4Her?

Anyone who wants to have fun, make a difference and support eradicating gynecologic cancers! Kathy Smith's walking routine is designed to be adaptable for any level of ability. And there will be plenty of opportunity to appropriately challenge yourself, too—walking is a great form of exercise.

This year we hope to see kids, neighbors, families, friends and even pets join in the action! Be sure to get your favorite furry family member involved!


If I can’t participate on that day can I get a refund?

Because this is a charitable event, we are not able to offer refunds for this event. Please know that your registration fee is going to support the Foundation’s mission of supporting awareness, education, outreach and research to eradicate gynecologic cancers and we’re incredibly appreciative of your support.


Is the National Race to End Women’s Cancer coming back?

We hope so! We are keeping a watchful eye on COVID-19 projections and progression and we’ll use thoughtful medical guidance as plans are made. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us for the Move4Her event for some fun and impact!


Can I follow Move4Her on social media?

Absolutely! We’ll be posting about the event with the hashtag #Move4Her on social media.

My team had a lot of fun dressing up for the Race. Can we do that for Move4Her, too?

Please do! We love the fun and spirit the participants brought to the past events and the same goes for Move4Her. Take pictures and share other exciting event information on social media using the hashtag #Move4Her for everyone to see!


How do I register for the event?

Click the purple "Sign Up/Register" button on the menu above.  If you already have a RunSignUp account, you can sign in at this point.  If you don't already have a RunSignUp account, you will need to create one during the registration process by entering in your information.  Your email address will be your login.

At the bottom of the screen, select "Move4Her" as your event.

You can add an additional person to the registration at this point, such as a friend or family member.

Next, check the Waiver box and click "Continue." Read and initial the waiver. Click "Continue."

Answer the questions on the next page, select your T-shirt size, and click "Continue."

You will then be given an option to join a team fundraiser. (See further FAQ for more details.) You can create your own team here, select an existing team from the dropdown menu, or choose not to join a team. You will also have the option to make a donation at this point. If you have created or joined a team fundraiser, your donation will automatically be credited to that team.

Swag Boxes will be sent shortly after registration. If you have not received your Swag Box within two weeks of your registration please contact us for tracking.


Can I register more than one person?

Yes. After entering your registration information, you will see a box at the bottom labeled "Add Another Registrant" - click on that. Please be aware that you will be signing the waiver, and thus taking on the liability, for each person registered under your name. 


Are registration fees tax deductible?  

No, registration fees are not tax deductible. IRS rules do not permit the deduction of registration fees for charity walks/races/events.  However, all donations made to the event are entirely tax deductible.


What does "Become a Fundraiser" mean?

When you register for the event, a fundraiser is automatically created under your name. You can remain an individual fundraiser, or link your fundraiser to an existing team fundraiser and become a member of their team. You can also become a fundraiser without registering for the event - see the FAQ below.  

Is fundraising required for this event?

No. Although everyone who registers "becomes a fundraiser", no fundraising amount is required for event participants. However, we encourage all participants to raise a minimum of $100 to help support our mission

What is the difference between a "Fundraiser" and a "Team fundraiser"?
(Please see below for instructions)

A "fundraiser" is an individual (e.g. Kesha Jones), while "Team Fundraiser" is a group of individual fundraisers who join together to form a team (e.g. Tara's Terrific Team). Each team fundraiser can have an unlimited number of individual fundraisers join it.  Anyone who registers for the event automatically becomes an individual fundraiser for the event, and can join a team if desired.

You can also become a fundraiser without registering for the event, by clicking "Donate" at the top of the screen, then, "Become a Fundraiser".

How do I join a team fundraiser?

You will be asked if you would like to join (or create your own) team fundraiser as a part of the event registration process.  You can select the name of the team you would like to join from a dropdown menu.  If you would like to join a team but do NOT want to register for the event itself, please see the next FAQ.

Can I raise funds without registering for the event?

Yes! Click the "Donate" menu at the top of the page. Then click "Become a Fundraiser." Set up your individual fundraiser with your name, then create a Team (optional). Feel free to be "creative" with your Team name.

TIP - to avoid confusion, please do not give your personal fundraiser the same name as your team fundraiser!

Once you have filled out the info to create your individual fundraiser, the next section of the page will allow you to connect this fundraiser to an existing fundraising team (choose the team from the dropdown) OR create a team yourself (this is where you add your creative team name!) so that your friends can join (check off "New Team Fundraiser" at the bottom).

NOTE: Please only use this option for creating a fundraiser if you DO NOT plan to register for the event!


How do I make a donation to a specific team/individual?

If you are registering for the race, you will be asked at the end of the registration process if you would like to make a donation. Your donation will automatically go to the team fundraiser you have joined.  If you are not on a team, the donation will show up as a general donation to the Foundation and will not be associated with a particular team.

If you would like to make a donation without registering for the race, click on the "Donate" button on the top of the page or in the purple side menu. You will then be given a choice to donate to a particular person (Fundraiser) or team (Team Fundraiser). First, click the "select' button directly under the name of the Fundraiser or Team Fundraiser, which will highlight your selection in green. Next, scroll down the page to the donation options. You will see the name of the Fundraiser or Team Fundraiser that you have selected. Locate the amount you would like to donate, or fill in your own amount, and click the "select" button. Then continue to the next page to make your payment. If you wish to make a general donation (not to a team), do not select a fundraiser.


How do I make a general donation to the Foundation?

If you would like to make a donation but do not want it to be associated with a particular team fundraiser, click "Donate" and scroll down to the bottom of the page without selecting a particular fundraiser. Fill in your amount and then click "continue."

How do I make a contribution by check?

To submit a donation by check, make payable to “Foundation for Women’s Cancer,” write the fundraiser's or team fundraiser’s team name in memo section for them to receive credit, and mail to:

Damen Erf
Move4Her Donation
Foundation for Women’s Cancer
230 W. Monroe St, Suite 710
Chicago, IL 60606-4703

How do I see who else is on my team fundraiser?

Click "Top Fundraisers" on the menu bar. Then click to highlight "Team Fundraisers" in the heading under Top Fundraisers. The team pages will appear, and you can then click "view" to see a list of team members.

If somebody makes an online donation to my fundraiser or team fundraiser, will the donation instantly be visible on my fundraising page?

Yes, but you may need to refresh your screen in order to see it!


All event materials will be mailed out approximately 2 weeks before the event. For those who register on or after October 1, 2020 we will mail out your items as quickly as we can but we cannot guarantee they will arrive by the event date of 10/18/2020.



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